Kids Club

Tuesday evening 6pm-7pm

Looking for an activity or hobby for the kiddies during the week, sick of them in front of the TV or games console? Then why not bring them along to kids club. We supply the cars and controllers, they supply the fun and excitement! We guarantee they'll have a great time racing our club cars around and the first nights always free!

What's in it for them?

Well, it's a great hobby and provides a great opportunity to learn about basic mechanics, mathematics, how things work and also competition.

We have members within the club who are DBS registered and capable of running the club in a sensible manner. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

best regards, Richard Kettleson (Club Secretrary).

Tuesday nights: Retro Racing

Want a hobby but have a small budget?

The United Kingdom Retro Racing Association (UKRRA) have created a set of rules to scratch build cars to and race at your local club. Using brass and piano wire cut and bent into shape then soldered together, these cars let the builder use their imagination to perform on track.

Formula 1.

A field of scratchbuilt open wheel Formula 1 cars bodied with late 1960's shells.

A 1/24th scale Tottenham sports chassis.

Displayed is the quickest of the retro classes. This is a 1/24th scale Tottenham sports chassis without the bodyshells attached. The class gets it's name from where the cars were originally raced in the late 1960's in the UK.

Friday nights: Club entry level racing

Affordable, strong, great handling!

Displayed is a 1/24th scale production sports car. This class is probably one of the easiest and cheapest when learning the art of driving a slot car. The chassis are cheap, strong and handle well. Combined with a cheap sealed motor, these really are a great club level class!

G1/32nd scale F1.

This is the class where the driver will shine through. Just like it's real life counterpart, Formula 1 is probably the most challenging class to race. The handling all comes from the chassis as there aren't many aero benefits. When you start understanding how a modern slot car works and understand yourself as a driver, you'll start appreciating how good a well tuned F1 goes around the track.

Group 12 Saloon.

Named after the type of armature used in the motor setup and the bodyshell style used, this class is a nationally raced class by most clubs within the UK. The class is raced to the British Slot Car Racing Association (BSCRA) rule set. It's a great bridge between the club level racer and a national racer.